Content Marketing when “You” are the Content
May 6, 2013
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October 3, 2013
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Do unknown people really care to read about your thoughts and feelings? I’m not talking just your mother who cares naturally or your spouse who cares out of a sense of duty, but people you’ve never previously connected with. The answer may be yes and here are some thoughts on why.

After I published my last post, Content Marketing When You are the Content, I noticed an increase in traffic to my blog and several Likes and comments on LinkedIn. In fact it appears that this post is the most popular one I have written so far. I had as much anxiety and angst while writing that post as I experienced when making the decision to plaster my new website with my photos. When it came time to push the “Publish” button on that post, I really hesitated about putting my feelings “out there” for all to see.

Has this ever happened to you?

Typically, my posts of late have tended to be more “instructional” or almost lecture-style. Based on my experience and what has worked for my clients, I recommend content marketing strategies for consideration.

Many, many smart people are out there blogging and providing sound advice on content marketing, my passion and the focus of my blog. There is no shortage of “content on content” so the reality is that there is a lot of competition for readers on this topic.

Here’s the epiphany.  What I realized is that there is only one “me”, just as there is only one “you”. We each have unique thoughts, opinions, quirks, experiences and feelings. So writing in a natural, open way about these cannot be replicated. There is no real competition for your individual human perspective. Like my husband always says “You’re a special girl. Very special.” The fact that he is referring to my quirkiness and high maintenance needs is not the point.

The other thing is that when you show your human side, many people can relate as they have experienced something similar. Dialogue begins as people share their personal experiences and give their advice. People empathize and start connecting. And a sense of humour coupled with the ability to laugh at yourself goes a long way.

I shared these observations with one of my peers John Kypriotakis at Lysis  Sales and Management Consulting.  John related that he has actually noticed exactly the same thing: two of his blog posts Can You Hear Me Now and Dealing With Adversity generated much higher traffic than other, more authoritative posts.

Have you found the same thing? Feel free to comment below.

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