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August 10, 2010
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October 11, 2010
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I attended another Marketing Prof’s Digital Marketing World Virtual Conference two weeks ago and wanted to pass on some feedback as a follow-up to my previous post.

I participated in 2 seminars this time around: “How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine” By Bob DeStefano of SVM E-Business Solutions and “Driving Leads and Sales with Social Media Marketing” hosted by Kipp Bodnar from HubSpot and Kyle Flaherty from BreakingPoint Solutions.

I think Marketing Profs really needs to consider having different tracks at these sessions and/or identifying the content as Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced Experience. I am sure that more targeted content would lead to higher viewer satisfaction and engagement on an overall basis.

Both presentations contained good content, depending on your level of knowledge and experience. I still found it a little basic but I was happy to see that the presenters focused more on providing value than selling their product or service.

In this post I will provide a brief summary of some key takeaways from “How to Make Your Website a Lead Generation Machine”-Bob gave some good, general sound (although somewhat rudimentary) advice. His tips:

  • Make sure your website is focused on your customers, not you. Really speak to your target audience and ensure your site provides value and motivates visitors to take the desired action
  • Clearly identify your niche audiences using appropriate segmentation criteria
  • Make sure your home page is welcoming, clearly identifies what you do and effectively guides visitors through your site
  • Make sure that you provide meaningful content for your niche audience(s) incorporating the solutions they are looking for
  • Always use a conversational tone in website copy and be sure to avoid any confusing acronyms or industry jargon
  • Your website should be a resource center with valuable educational content. Don’t let your website equate to nothing more than a sales brochure
  • Keep your website fresh and take a critical look at it at least every month. Of course, if you publish educational content regularly your website will be constantly refreshed and show up more readily in organic search
  • Make sure that your 1-800 number or other relevant contact info is big and bold in the top right hand corner of each page; as according to unnamed research sources, prospects are 2-3 times more likely to call than use other forms of communication
  • Ensure that you have bold calls to action for every stage of the buying cycle. Allow visitors to register for demos, to receive your newsletter, to attend seminars etc. Bob says that only 10% of people coming to your website are looking to make a purchase so you need to cater to each stage of the buying cycle

Bob got into the importance of optimizing your website for search, and informed us that organic search draws 75% of all clicks. Relevancy of your site to the search topic and link popularity are key determining factors to higher ranking in organic search. To be successful, you have to understand how people are searching for your product or service and incorporate the keywords they naturally use.

Bob then emphasized the various ways you can draw more relevant, targeted traffic to your website.

  • Produce a blog and maintain it with regular postings (I know, who am I to talk-I haven’t been keeping up with my postings this summer)
  • Comment on other related blogs with useful feedback. BTW, many comments on my blog (in addition to spam) fall into the category of  sales pitches. I generally delete these. I don’t like it when people try to use my blog to promote their own products or services
  • Offer educational videos and post these on your website and YouTube
  • Offer webinars,  e-newsletters, podcasts, whitepapers and more
  • Bob promoted the big 3 social media networks: LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebookwith the cautionary advice not to publish too much content on the network.  The goal is to drive interested parties to your site to view it

Bob spent a few minutes talking about the importance of measurement and recommended Google Analytics as a great free tool.

As I said earlier; all in all,  good advice for the novice online marketer. And we can all benefit from reminders of good practices we should employ for optimal success in online lead generation. However, Marketing Profs really needs to consider tailoring content for different audiences and practicing what they preach as far as good content marketing practices. Having said that, I definitely appreciate their efforts to deliver meaningful educational content for marketers and love the service. Would love to hear your thoughts if you attended this conference.


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  5. Hi Linda, I’m glad you got to attend the session with Kipp and myself. I think you are right about having MarketingProfs classify tracks, it would actually also help the presenters fine-tune our presentations for the audience.

    Would love to know about your thoughts on our session and how it could be improved, my email is kffbos at

    Thanks again,
    Kyle Flaherty

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